Leaving the warp

Ok as I said Im still animating the space scenes, and just wanted to show a first test. When I think about a ship leaving the warp and entering rality again, it shall look like  that the surrounding should be really morphing around and perspectives are getting distorted. And of course: Light flashes, beams and stuff^^ Also I distorted the planet during the first big explosion….dont know if its cool, I might leave that away in the final shots, what do you think? If I wanna leave this in, I should add some waves going out from the center of the explosion to show more the distortion effect I think….


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  1. Nice work. The planet distortion is a nice touch, but perhaps a little less magnitude would work better.

  2. Hey!! That scene is brilliant! I love it! It is very powerful.
    I agree with Sean Schoonmaker that the planetary distortion could be a little smaller. But it’s still cool because it adds power and drama.
    Would it be cool to see a little of the inside of the Warp once the opening is big enough? I imagine a lot of red with black twirling clouds and lightning, like a gaping wound in space. Almost like travelling through hell. After all, the warp is eeeevil.
    Anyway, it looks great =)
    Thanks for this!

  3. looks sweeeet but ya just to add to what they said i agree i like the warp but its a bit heavy right now, and i feel like itd give in the opposite direction in the slightest bit once it pops back into form. and a little more camera shake maybe 😛 awesome though !!! lovin it

  4. Looks awesome!
    The only thing that doesn’t read quite right is the distortion of the planet. If you added some light FX over the distorting part it would make it clearer the planet wasn’t getting gobbled up.
    As I said though, looks great!

  5. I think bending the planet was kind of excessive, at least in this perspective. I could only think of two scenarios, in which such an effect would be warranted. One would be a massive jump (something much bigger than normal ships, possibly the size of a moon) into the direct proximity of the planet which would actually physically impact the planet and tear it permanently. And the other one being a jump of any size somewhere between the planet and the camera, which would only temporarily affect the light traveling between the two and therefore make the planet appear to be bending to the observer.
    With the perspective in this shot it seems that the jump effect is too far from the direct line between the camera and the planet and therefore shouldn’t create such an effect.

    Don’t get me wrong the jump effect itself is beautiful! Adding some waves may make it even “prettier” but it already looks great as it is. This could also be used as a combination of the two effects, in that the planet doesn’t “bend”, but the waves that are emitted from the jump effect distort the view on the planet as they pass through the line of sight between the camera and the planet.

    Just as a side note: I’m not really familiar with the 40k lore regarding the warp drives and the “physics” behind it and I spend the last 2 days re-watching dozens of Battlestar Galactica episodes (the re-imagined one), so my idea of “how this should work like” may be a bit BSG heavy 😉

  6. Nice video, but according to the wh40k universe jump points are far away from planets. It is not safe to open a gate to the warp near the gravitation well of a planet or a star.

    But the effect is so great…

  7. It looks awesome. Please watch this if you havn’t done yet, you could take ispiration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni9znmTuV4U

  8. Love it though it seemd to be abit to close to the planet itself but other than that it looks great!

  9. Thanks for your help guys:)
    Francesco: Ha nice, the beginning looks quite similar to my version, but I like those flying bits and pieces, maybe I can bring that in as well:)

    Fildarin: You’re right about the distance…Maybe I place the planet in the background…But when I leave it the way it is, I think its not that bad at all;)

    Thebig1:Thx for your explainations, your right about the impact size, I will reduce it. Or I remove it completely, because the planets need to movefar away in the background, as Jumppoints are not that close to planets…hm difficult:D

    • Yeah I suggested you the video for those flying pieces, I find them really cool. Of course in the video they increase the horror atmosphere.

  10. Looks nice but quite generic warp/hyper/light speed jump to me. I’d like to see you try something out of the ordinary, something sinister and unsettling which is the vibe I think the Warp would give off. Maybe a tear in real space that the ship “sinks” out of, a touch askew to give the less than certain nature of warp travel. Warp energy escaping through the opening and flowing around the ship, dissipating as it enters real space.

    • Yes that is a very good point. That is why I suggested what I did in my earlier post.
      There is a flood of white light which looks cool but I think that if you leave the Warp, there should be a more sinister light. Basically a wound in space with evil things trying to get out^^
      Anyway, I know this will look sublime in the end =)

  11. My first (more elaborate post) was eaten by the gods of the interwebz so I’ll keep this shorter…

    I mostly agree with Big, about the planet and bending light. I’ve also always felt that in the w40k universe the warp transitions are more of brutally ripping holes in the fabric of space, rifts rather than “tidy” wormhole-like things. Your effect is cool, but I somehow feel like its too clean/”nice”.

  12. Hi!
    I think the beginning of the effect is a bit fast. I mean when it opens at 0:02. In that “Chaos Rising” video there is a little warp effect before the actual wormhole opening and the lens flare effects. Everything looks perfect, but I think you should experiment with the timing at the begining or make a little distortion or something like that before the opening effect.
    Btw, did you use only After Effects for the wormhole effect? It’s amazing. 🙂
    (sorry for my english)

  13. amazing 0_o

    keep updating this blog bro, great job!

  14. Alter Falter!

    Das rockt einfach derbe und je mehr ich von deinem Projekt mitbekomme, desto mehr frage ich mich, weshalb “Ultramarines” so augenkrebsig geworden ist.

    Das Video macht einen sehr guten Eindruck, doch finde ich persönlich den Verzerrungseffekt beim Planeten etwas zu heftig.

  15. Hi!
    So I think that the distortion is a brilliant idea and I like the way the portal Warp tears reality for penetrated in the real world.
    If it possible the ships could arrived in a loud crack with electrical arches because they pierce the voile of reality (and because of the Dawn of War Chaos Rising cinematics ^^).

  16. that is really good, but warp is pinky purple orgy right ? Either way great work my friend keep it up 🙂

  17. I agree about the distance not being right. All the novels I’ve read say that ships leave the Warp at the edge of the star system and then travel to the planets with regular plasma drives. We shouldn’t even be able to see the planet like that, just a point of light.

    The distortion effects are nice. I think it would look accurate if it was more violent and bigger though. Massive amounts of energies are released when a portal to the Warp is opened. More dark red and purple colors would be better as well. Like this:

  18. Jaguar-Lord Says:

    very impressive fx, the idea of the planet distortion to simulate the intrusion of the Warp and its pressure on the very fabric of reality is good but the distortion in itself is too heavy. Some of the comment above deal with the warp portal not being opened near planet, that right unless it is an accident or a deliberate (and stupid ) attempt to hit the planet. In the case of the hulk in Chaos Rising it is more a mere chance than anything else.

    Now about the visual paradigm of the warp travel : portals, Stargate, anything dealing with this way of space travel use the circle as a symbol of the passage from one dimension to another, in traditional scifi the images comes from the wormhole theory, and GW design is no exception.

    Now you have the opportunity to make something different and original instead of reproducing another circular passage between the warp and the reality why not using the “breach in reality” , what Syaped said some post above is reflecting this idea.

    As for what the warp looks like, well it looks like nothing and can have an infinity of flavour and appearances, the space could suddenly be covered by a growing web of blood vessels pulsing with a deep lava flowing inside and suddenly rupturing in a tsunami of writhing entrails to give birth of a ship into this reality surrounded by crying and howling distorted faces and gaping mouths…..

    but such a radical choice in the iconography connect the feeling and symbolic to the incomers : in the case of an inquisition ship coming out of the warp the above descrpiption would be used in the case of the ship fleeing from a daemonworld or pursued by some daemon through the warp.

    the blue and clean fx you used gives a sense of peace even if it is brutal and explosive, if we are talking about an inquisition fleet emerging from the warp then it suggest nothing threatening.


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