Hi Guys,

worked a lot on different things regarding Lordi, but nothing fancy to show:) Anyway just wanted to let you know, that lots of progress has been made the last days and weeks. Im working together with Bijan on the homepage for Lordi and its already a lot done. Need to render out several images, collect data from the team members and write descriptions. But its already a lot done, and Im sure it will go sooner online as I expected. Once this is the case this blog  will vanish, and we all can chill and hang out on the official lordi page (for an unofficial movie hehe) and you can read and write in the blog you will find there. Of course no data will be lost, so all that has been written here is already transfered on the new one and availabe in the archives. However, the new one is visually more attractive^^ On the other side, im doing all the previs scenes, and cut them together, so that I can get a feel for the sequences I need, what already can be rendered and so on. Its looking really nice already to see how all the different scenes are coming together now:) Well, but this is nothing I could show now here, it is so Wip, wouldn’t make sense:)

Allright, seeya soon



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  1. Khoa Nguyen Says:

    Looking forward to it.

    If you guys have the time, I suggest linking the new website to facebook, so we can have a mean to share it with other people in the community.

  2. great progress. cant wait for the teaser launch 🙂 .

  3. Really great news! Little by little the pieces are coming together =)

  4. Hey eZieweZie hows the survey goin?

  5. Clyde Cash Says:

    Good for you. This project deserves far more attention than it is getting.

  6. Che Gue'vesa Says:

    Great as ever. But destrega85, have you seen the new Grey Knight codex? Oh god, when you thank GW in the credits, don’t forget to mention that Wards is excluded.

    • No I havent seen it yet, but I guess I will buy it next week. But what did you mean with your last statement?

      • Che Gue'vesa Says:

        It is Wards quality, to say the least.

        For example:

        Lord Draigo

        >Carves his name onto Motarion’s heart (Daemon Primarch)
        >Kills Daemon Prince M’Kar (twice) and his army
        >Gets sucked into Warp, but doesnt die
        >Kills Bloodthirster, uses it’s axe to remake his sword
        >Kills six chosen Daemonettes
        >Burns Nurgle’s Garden
        >Buries Lord of Change M’Kachen in the ruins of Tzeentch’s city
        >Eventually daemons become too scared to face him

      • Che Gue'vesa Says:

        And that’s not all, now Grey Knights use xenos as henchmen, and not just any xenos, but Jokaeros.

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