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Hi guys, new update.

I worked a lot the last days on Lordi and made some good progress. The first sequences are rendered and already integrated in the final Film project files. I added some atmospheric music from “Lustmord”, a dark ambient band and it fits perfectly:D Of course I will remve that music later through my own compositions – already got some themes in mind.

Also Im happy that I found a new member for my team who is willing to model a Khorne Bloodletter for me:) Dont know if you guys know my extremely huge Warhammer 40k image “until the day we die” which I did with my friend Martin (who has modeled the Thunderhawk), but there were severeal Blootletters displayed. However they were created for this image, and the quality is not acceplable for my purposes anymore, so I have to do them again. But now Farhad will do that job and is happy to support the movie:) That saves me a lot of time and so the movie will be released faster:) However, there is still soooo much to model:D not to speak about animation:D

Another point is that our member Bijan, who already became a good fellow of mine is already programing the official Lordi website. I try to think of a webdesign and that stuff (im not so good in designing things 😀 ) and I plan to publish the first teaser for the launch of the site, which will be probably in 5 months – so mid of this year. Once the site is online, you can follow the progress either on the page, or still on the blog, because they are connected together and the updates and news are available and identical on both sites.

And as a last news, there might be a sequence in the film, where the eagle of Torquemada can be seen. I gave that task to Ben for modeling and Johan for rigging. Anyway if it seems to get too complicated or too time consuming we might leave it away. However I would like to show this eagle, because it is a very known attribute of Coteaz. But later in battle, this bird better stays in its cage on the Inquisition ship:D Better dont even think about a fighting double headed eagle against Khorne bloodletters:D And in the meantime, Martin is working on building the flight deck, that is gonna be awesome I bet:)

So until then, hope you like the next frame of the movie:)


ps: The Warrior challenge ends on next monday at midnight, I uploaded all files and now all I can do is wait:) Here is a turntable of Dorn in full HD if you are interested


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  1. “Aquilia/Sign of the Aquilia – A sign of devotion to the Imperium that forms the Imperial Eagle, by crossing the hands with the palms pressed to chest and thumbs linked.” – Codex: Imperial Guard, pg. 62

  2. very good news! I’m happy to see that other people joined your project, so we’ll see soon the finished movie! And where has that guy bought those clothes? I want them 😀 good job.

  3. Oh, good luck for the challenge

  4. Dreamwarder Says:

    Hi Destrega85 – I really like what you’re doing here, the quality is excellent. I swapped messages with Andrea1969 over on Deviant art when I saw one of the stills – an image entitled “space scene WIP” found here:

    Would you be willing to let me use that image on the title page of my blog? I’d be most grateful if I could.

    • Sure that should be no problem, when you dont pretend on your blog that you did this image:) Dont know what you planed in your blog, but ohterwise I would recommend you using this image I think its much cooler. When you wanna focus on the ships, then of course the other one would suit best:) Is your blog about W 40k?

      • Dreamwarder Says:

        Yes, it is 40k themed – aimed at 40k gamers who prefer story-themed games rather than tournament play, with a bit of battlefleet gothic thrown in. That other image you linked is awesome. I may well use that instead. Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to credit you on the front page.

  5. Fantastic progress Erasmus, really like the dark atmosphere (very effective), the character and the new occulta layered procedural textures… I’m in hurry to see the new spaceship rendering too 😉 … and good luck for the challenge 🙂

  6. yeah the new frame is looking absolut fett 🙂 düüüd düüüüüd^^

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