Hi there, just wanted to help our member eZieweZie to get attention with his Survey he made for “Ultramarines the…well….movie”^^

It does not take much time and hopefully represents a solid opinion of the fans what they think of the film and what could be improved in the next one (if there is one)

I already completed the survey, and if you guys are in the mood for it too, just check it out:



23 Responses to “Survey”

  1. Trysk O'Chvost Says:

    Great idea! Can’t wait for results. Hope you won’t be too critical about the movie πŸ˜‰

  2. eZieweZie Says:

    Thank you so much for your support!

    Alter du bist einfach der beste πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks very much for the pointer – the results should prove interesting, though I’d be concerned about extremists skewing the results to the point that they don’t provide any meaningful data.

  4. took the survey i didnt even see it tohughway too expensive for something that looks so blaaahhh

  5. eZieweZie Says:

    Status update: in less than 24 hours, 200 people have already filled in the survey. It might reach epic proportions once we hit the weekend =)

    Thank you everybody!

    P.S.: at least 50 people have been directed to the survey through this blog.

    • Khorneflake Says:

      This survey is really great.
      I couldn’t hold back any longer after so much time just reading the news of this FANTASTIC projekt. The first time i’ve seen the pictures of Lordi i thought it is a joke. I mean… i’ve never seen such a quality at fan made pictures… Please go on destrega, this film will kick ass!!!

  6. Francesco Says:

    a good survey

    • Anonymous Says:

      I second this. It was more well thought out than I expected, although the 0-10 grading range was tad excessive. 0-3 or 0-5 would have sufficed I think. Still, it will be interesting to see the results.

  7. Hi guys,

    Almost 900 people have already filled in the survey! Amazing! I will close it once nobody (or hardly anybody) fills it in anymore. Only then will the results be analysed.

    Concerning the grading range: yes it would have sufficed to choose a 1-5 or 1-7 scale but they would have been much less intuitive (in terms of choosing a score and most of all when it comes the understanding the results: a 0-10 scale is very easy to grasp because we can imagine percentages). Also, I wanted the scales to be as sentitive as possible in order to better differentiate (which should also give clearer results, for example in correlations).

  8. did you post this on dakka-dakka yet?

  9. eZieweZie Says:

    Yes I posted it on Dakka Dakka but somehow I feel it went unnoticed.

  10. eZieweZie you wanna link the results of the survey here? πŸ™‚

  11. Of course I will link the results here, if destrega allows me to. After all this is his blog and I should not be stealing his thunder =)
    But only once the survey is done, i.e. in 2 weeks maybe. It depends on how many people continue to fill it in. Around 60 people fill it in every day now but it’s getting less and less.

    • Dont worry, of course you can:D Just drop me a mail via my homepage with the text you want to include and so on, then I will put that into a new blog entry, so that all got notified instead of scrolling down our comments here:) What do you think of that?

  12. Awesome. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will spread this as far and as wide as I humanely can.

  13. eZieweZie Says:

    Okay sounds great, thanks for everything!

    In the meantime, I found something you might enjoy =D

  14. i got around to watching it last night finally. Even though I knew what was coming my way words cannot express how purely dissapointed I was when watching it. Although there were a few very nice shots (usually still frames) it was depressing overall. I really hope Codex and GW see the results of the survey, as I’m sure they will hopefully give them some realization of how us fans really feel.

  15. Magnus Draken Says:

    What a pity GW didn’t give “Ultramarines” to the studio that made this video:

    It was just a sample for GW and got them the job to create the cutscenes for the upcoming “Space Marine” video game.

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