We have reached our destination

Worked on some interiors in the ship and on the space sequences. Not sure if this will be a frame in the movie, but I just wanted to render a view of the planet by sunrise. I completely rewoked Occulta Maioris, simply because it was just a google grabed mars texture:) Now it is done completely procedural without any use of textures. Consisting of 4 differnet layers (planet, water, atmosphere, clouds) I rendered it using displacement to enhance the surface effect.ย  Also I renewed the materials on the ship and added extra textures, so that Andreas ships will look even better in the final shots. Will show some screens maybe the next days – or I keep it hidden from public first^^

Btw the Warriors challenge deadline was extended which is very bad, cause I was finished and all other entrys not:D That meant really good winning chances, but now it is extended to end of january and the competition is much harder then when all are finished. Hm, too bad – that was the sense of a challenge to make a character just in time…Anyway I was chosen already on the frontpage as a “hot entry”:D With me, only 4 or 5 entries got that honour. Hope that helps getting a price:) And my image ofย  Torquemada is today featured as a Daily Deviation on Deviantart and I got tons of mails and comments – already 6000 views in a few hours. I added the adress to this blog, maybe we got some new fans then following our progress:)

prepare for landing:)


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  1. Francesco Says:

    wonderful shot and news ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t wait to see Grey Knigths, I suppose I won’t belive my eyes when you’ll make them. Good luck for the challenge!

  2. I watch you since you began with this project and it amazes me everytime again and again, I know already that your short movie will be a real tribute to the 40k universe and a real satisfaction for all fans, as we saw codex pictures wasn’t able to do honour :(, even the game trailers for the WH 40k Space Marine game are way better, but you are the top of the top 10/10. Stay motivated

  3. Sam Nielsen Says:

    Looks absolutely stellar! (pun intended) Any chance of a wallpaper-sized version? I’d love to have it on my desktop you see ^_^
    (got a 1920×1200 screen)

    Have you made any decisions on the resolution that you’re gonna be rendering the movie in?

    • Yes, wallpaper will be available in the future, in any desktop size;) The final resolution for the movie is 1280×540 (21:9), so this space image is original size. Cant render it bigger, that costs too much time..

      • Sam Nielsen Says:

        Looking forward to the wallpaper then! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Sounds absolutely reasonable. I’d require a render-park to render it at just 720p and I can’t even begin to fathom how long it would take to render in 1080p on a single workstation.

        How do you plan on rendering the finished movie? Do you do a final render of the different scenes as you finish them and then throw them all together in the right order afterwards or what do you plan on doing?

      • well i can render the movie on the renderfarm at my work when no big projects are rendering. Its no big farm, all together around 15 more quad core CPUs, but that should be enough for 15 min in 1280×540 finished in a realistic time amount:) Also there are many scenes which dont have that much render time, so I think it will just work fine to be released in 2012. For the second question: I have written the complete story and got all the shots in my had mainly- sure they will change a bit when you see them in 3D. However, because Im working alone on all animation/render/post and cutting tasks, I refused to draw or write a complete storyboard with all scenes. That makes sense, when you try to visualize your vision you got in mind to the animator, director, etc. So that saves me lots of time and I prepare all the scenes I need in a chronological way, so that I can work with Previsualization. Once animated, I make a video out of the realtime Viewport of 3Ds max (which looks horrible) and cut them together in Adobe Premiere. Then I see if the timing is good, if the angles makes sense and so on. Thats why I now only focus on the inquisition ship and the space scenes, because this is the beginning of the movie and I regard that as a single block from the movie which when its finished animated, it can be rendered out and never be touched again:)
        Then simply replace the previz files in Premiere with the rendered footage, and thats it:)

  4. that looks amazing!
    oh and best of luck with the warrior contest, even with the extended deadline dorn should have a good chance of winning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Very nice. I hope you will make some kind of “Making of Lord Inquisitor” overview once you’re done for all the viewers interested in the technical aspects and implementation involved ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. CatholicSpaceNazi Says:

    You can’t get enough attention, not as much as you deserve, no matter how many million views you get.

  7. Looking great! Getting a great vibe with these shots. Post more!

  8. Have you decided to show a “teaser” or will you let us wait untill its done? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I planed to release a teaser mid of this year, and hopefully beginning of next year a trailer;) And then release in mid 2012.
      So dont worry, I try to keep the waiting time as pleasant as possible^^

  9. eZieweZie Says:


    This is really great news! Incredible shot by the way =) I am drooling!

    As I have stated in the “Ultramarines movie review” thread, I wanted to make a survey in order to find out how the fans really felt about the Ultramarines movie and why. Here it is^^:


    Thank you so much for filling it in and for letting as many people as possible know about it!

    Keep up the excellent work!

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