Throne room

If you can call it that…The last two days I worked on the throne room, or better said, the room in which Torquemada has his nice seat and giving orders. Basically this is not a room, its really a huge hall – you enter it through the biiig door, for which Aldo Luna painted the image for. Anyway I wont show this area in the blog, just to keep the suprise:) What I can say is that this hall is now really big and already hast taken 5 mio polygons. I have a clear vision in mind and thus the work is done already very quickly. However I guess I will need one or two more evenings to finish this hall. So again the inquisition ship gets more and more complete – during the weekend I also worked on the ship exterior and basically completed the space scene (well, maybe to 98%). So this scene is done and can be animated and rendered and saved as a final footage:) Now that I got a bit of geometry inside the ship I can also start the pre visualisation, animating cameras, characters(very abstract and simple first) to see how it would look like and to get a feel for the narration of the beginning of  The Lord Inquisitor.

So, hopefully I will recieve some models soon from Ben that I can use, that would make the progress even faster:) Anyway Lordi is again a tiny bit more complete and I can go to bed happily and continue reading my W40k book of the Horus Heresy:) seeya


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  1. Kim-Jong Ill Says:

    I’m so pleased to hear about the progress of the movie I ordered the army to fire its cannons in your honor.

  2. Ben will be ggetting back to work now that I got my computer back today! I was laptopless for the past 3 days logic board fried up!!! This new hall sounds like it will be epic as usual!

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