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Hi guys,

I think I will finish the warrior sculpt in 2 or 3 days, so I will start make Dorn in 3D at the end of december, so that it looks like I needed that much time for him to sculpt:) I dont need to worry about rigging, skinning and all that stuff, so that makes the process a lot faster. There is not much action in the challenge forum right now, so I dont wanna be the first who post a 90% finished model after one month:D So thats why put the challenge a short time away and was motivated to make something for Lordi this evening. this took me a few hours to create, and of course there is still lots to do regarding detailing and texturing, but I like the direction the ship interior is coming along. Ben, Im sorry I guess I did your job now already, but I really need those corridors urgently^^ I admit these blue light stripes are a bit distracting now, but I will change that the next days – this guy is also just painted in for scale issues. Anyway Im totally motivated to continue with Lordi, while keeping in mind that I gotta finish the warrior end of next month, so stay tuned, there will be updates again yay:)


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  1. Nice!

  2. Awesome news! And great looking corridor! While it is true that the blue lights are a little unorthodox to the W40k feeling, they still give a good futuristic impression. Thank you SO MUCH for making a stone corridor (and not a metallic one)!
    Can’t wait for the next update! Keep it up!

  3. gosh…you’re a miracle worker

    When this movie comes out hopefully Ultramarine fan-boys can stop whining about GW not having enough budget.

  4. few hours ! lolomfg

    • Well of course those statues which you can see there when you look closely I merged in the scene of course. That is basically Captain Lysander from my last W40kproject^^ Just made in stone and removed all signs of the imperial fists.

  5. awesome, more pics, more, moreee!!!11! 😛

  6. Awesome! BTW I don’s know much about the Wharhammer universe but I think those light stripes are really cool. Can’t wait for more updates! 🙂

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