New concept

So after some different concepts, I came up with a version I kinda like. I named him “Dorn” 😉 I guess I will work on him and modify different aspects while working in 3D.

Btw, just got a job propsal as a senior art director at naughty dog, who just delivered Uncharted 2. Senior art director with my age of 25 seems rather strange but I feel honoured:)


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  1. Very nice concept Erasmus.
    The belly makes him pretty unique as I told you before. ^^
    Faceless is good x))
    Keep up the good work mate, cheers for this competition 😉

  2. I like him I too have been working on something for this competition 🙂 . i had a go at some more stuff in the corridor btw, Its as if I have writers block though as a modeler, I just dont know what to makkkee sometimes! I was given the Environment Art test for ND lol nothing like your offer but still 😛

    • Hi ben, cool you wanna join the challenge too? If you win, you’re going to support LordI with the money, right? hehe;)
      Would be nice to see what you come up with:)
      And well for the corridors, just look for gothic architecture, W40k uses a lot of those elements. Basically a floor shouldn’t be that hard for you, you also made a nice atrium;)

  3. Just love this new concept. Senior art director? Mmmm that means you won’t be in any modeling/animations team?

  4. Tora_2097 Says:

    I think the concept is cool, I feel some Pan’s labyrinth, Darksiders and MC Hammer in it! Not sure about his tribals though, maybe ritual scars would be more appropriate.
    Are you serious about that job proposal btw? Senior Art director is something you usually get after 10years of experience, a couple of AAA class titles released and not seldomly connected to a fine arts degree or some such. Seeing that Naughty Dog is not exactly a small company I think that you are either extremely lucky or have friends in high positions. 😉
    Good luck anyhow!


  5. Congratulations!

  6. hulahuga- Oskar Says:

    Now that sounds way cool! Go for it!

    Nice concept as well, I like how you made the depth pop with your shadows 🙂

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