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On saturday evening and sunday noon I worked on the front are of the TH. not all parts are textured yet correctly, some are still using the procedural shader. For the windows, Im not sure if I want to make the windows more transparent and to see in the cockpit…Guess thats too much work for a too small effect in a fly by animation. You can see the texture was not created for this big resolution, but it still works ok. If this would be animated nobody would see the texture errors and low resolution. Dont have Mari here, working only with 4k maps out of mudbox – definetely would need a 6 to 8 k map if I want to create strong close ups. The whole TH will be textured in Gun grey and red. Basically it should be painted white and red, as far as I see that on Forge World, but I find this version more realistic and military looking. Ah yes, I took my freedom to write a personal war message from a grey knight on the TH;)



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Had enough work on Coteaz so far and wanted to start with something else. I combined the Landraider from Andrea with the Thunderhawk from Martin, and they fit perfectly together:) Right now, every piece of geometry has the same exact shader except one large plate on the front. This thing got the first proper texture assigned. I created a material that automatically reates rust here and there which works fine for all those small parts one will never see in close up – but for the larger plates I want to paint the textures per hand, so I use a mix method of procedural material creation and old school texture painting, just to save time. There is no need to create single maps for each part, this would take ages and one could hardly see a difference at this resolution. Btw this image is rendered in Vue xStream for Max because for the flight scene of the Thunderhawk I want to create the environment with Vue. Rendertimes will be incredible long, but the result should be worth it:)

Kudos to Martin and Andrea, Im happy to work with those 2 great 3D models:) So still lots to do for me here regarding texturing…


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For those who noticed my stupid mistake of the way too small waist area of Torquemada, here is the corrected version.  As explaination why that happend: I chose an older scene of Torquemada in which the light and the pose was already like in this image – not knowing that it was a version shortly before I corrected the waist area later on (the version you know from the wallpaper). And because of that I had in mind that the model was totally correct and somehow overlooked that damn thing…yes that made me angry:D But ok, now it looks much better=)

Let’s test the rig

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I just worked on the combination of fur simulation combined with an IK and reaction manager driven rig. For this start, I completely remade the fur section, and placed it more acurate around the shoulder plates (well it’s not finished, but you can see already where its going). Then I set up quickly an animation which absoluteley makes no sense, but that wasn’t the point here. The fur area is attached to the breast cage armor and stretches and squeezes as soon as the shoulder plates moves up/down or forward/backward. Also you can already see the facial rig working, although the animation is just some keyframes throwed in. Of course this is not rendered, but a viewport preview. I like it so far, but I think the fur part is now quite huge hehe, guess I’ll change that.

Final Image

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So here it is, my entry for Exotique 6 (yes, 6 not 8 – my mistake:P )


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Hi guys,

finally I got internet again and my move is almost over, all furniture is here and the PCs are all healthy and ok:) Still got lots to do here but I will get more and more time working on Lord-=I=- 😉 On monday is deadline for Exotique 8, and I want to submit a few images of Torquemada, if Im lucky I’ll get displyed in the book. But only the best of the world are getting in there, and there are really a  lot of cool images which won’t fit in there due to a limited page number….However, i will give it a try and render out a few images:) The last week I had time for nothing, so I dont have much updates to post, sorry^^ But as I said, hardest parts are done and I can continue working on the project. Seeya soon