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Another evening, another setting…

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This evening I wanted to work on the small chapel part that I got from Andrea. Unfortunately it was so high poly that it turned out kind of unhandy when copying it 8 times for that round hall segment I was looking for. Each wall segment already had around 500k polys and thus it made the scene quite heavy just by having it 8 times in the scene – only for a background environment. So I am sorry to say that I deleted all of Andrea’s geometry and build it up from scratch again using simple geometry and bump maps, that did the trick watching it from this distance I got in the image (well it is even able to be ok in much closer shots) Anyway I wanted to keep the initial design from Andrea so I build it exactly the same as he did except the upper window parts, which wouldn’t be logical in this scene – the hall is 4 times as high as you can see here. So I built the walls, pillars and so on, copied it a few times and here is the first result. Was lucky to find a huge Inquisition sign on google which I photoshoped on a historical painting, that was all for the floor:) Of course not finished, but guess you can see where I’m going with this architecture:)


You might know this guy

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Ok today was kind of good for W40k, painted my walls in the new appartement kinda quick and thus got time for 3d:) For the beginning of the movie I want to create lots of atmosphere so that the audience already dived into the world of 40k before the actual story starts. Therefore I build lots of scenics which will be shown as Thorghus is on his way to the chamber of Torquemada through the whole ship. Anyway here is a scene I made today, and maybe some of you might know this guy;) All built in 10 hours today…now I’m tired and go to sleep:)Seeya

New Images

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Nothing really new here, but I rendered a really huge image of Torquemada showing his new proportions I showed you last time. Also I made it as a full HD wallpaper for you guys;)

Have fun and see you next – hopefully with something new;)

Torquemada wanna fight

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Hi guys,

worked the bit of time I had on Coteaz. I changed his propportions a bit, made him bulkier. I think that fits him well, what do you think? His facial face rig is now ready for the first animations, but still not yet finished. However it is still able to create lots of expressions. I think Im going to record a real time video showing his rig. For now, I also only made some screenshots with a few expressions:) So basically he is that much completed that I can animate the first sequences – if I had the 3D scenes:P

But its going good, when my move into my new appartement is completed in 2 weeks, I will have much more time again and can work more on the project. The next 2 to 3 weels I will be buisy doing all sorts of things for my new home. Oh and did you saw that new trailer for Ultramarines movie? Those guys there really have the wrong job if you ask me…

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder Ca—Hawks:)

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Well I was working on the library and it is so far finsihed. You can see it in the final movie then:) Martin took some time and worked on the uber cool thunderhawk. Im really curious how this thing will look textured in the final scenes – definetely badass:D Oh and there are some character updates on the official Ultramarines movie and they are so poor I couldn’t believe my eyes:D What are those guys doing…Its really hard nowadays to produce such bad quality as if it was made in the year 1995…


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Hey guys,

Im working on some interior stuff in the Inquisition ship. On the one hand the atrium made by Ben and on the other hand a libray which you haven’t seen yet. It looks quite cool and is almost done, although I was working only on 2 evenings on it…I don’t wanna show all progress now, cause it will ruin the suprise at the end:) I really look forward to complete the sequences on the ship to the end this year or beginning next year. That would result in around 5 minutes film I guess. Hope you are modeling fast enought, otherwise I will build the whole ship alone hehe:) I really need those corridors and other stuff, flight deck and so on. Ben is going to model some props now that I can use for different scenes on the ship, thats quite helpfull:)

Seeya soon



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Was working the last two days only on the facial rig and it will be complete maybe the next week…Its a lot of work to make a believable face, in fact it is the hardest topic in cg industry^^

But this evening I had to do something else than watching the face of  Torquemada and started textruring and lighting the atrium what Ben already had finished for me regarding the modeling. I reworked some parts and place some candles on the floor just as it was shown in the concept. For the candle flame I made a simulation with FumeFX so that it is correctly animated and influenced by wind.  I also assigned a friend of Ben, Aldo Luna, the task of painting a huge portrait of the emperor for that big door in the background. Well, in the next shot you would see it better. Anyway that painting is so huge and would cost me already one week or so to paint, thats why I gave that task to him – I’m sure the final painting from Aldo will be great. For now, I placed a google image from the emperor.