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Yes you all waited for that, dont you?:D

I made a full HD wallpaper this evening just for fun, maybe some of you get motivated by looking at it 🙂 I only got full HD now uploaded, if you got smaller resolutions, feel free to resize it in PS. This of course not to be intended to be a final wallpaper, but a kind of pre release wallpaper:)  Anyway hope you like it:)


Good News

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The space ship scene is so far finished and looking pretty cool:) I am currenlty developing the warp hole effect as the ships turn back into reality through the warp.

This will be made totally in after effects, and much with distortion effects bedning the space. As a next step I am going to be working on the ships interior and Thorghus. It would be good if I would recieve the models for the interior soon, I am still missing some feedback from you guys.

And thanks to Martin Klekner I got in contact with 2 voice actors who got some serious skills and they are ready to perform, Edmund Khoo and Michael Murphy. Michael will perform the role of  Thorghus Plavius and Ed will lend his voice to variouus smaller actors, like the grey knights and the inquisition staff. This is really cool, basically thats all I need, all actors are set:)


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Well, working on the inquisition ships, and its getting cooler and cooler:) I won’t post updates on these space scenes anymore, because they are about to be finished and thus final movie quality:) And I really dont wanna post the complete movie bit by bit here:D You all can see it at once when its finished and let yourself suprise how its gonna look. But with the Wips you get of course good impressions:) But as I know myself, I will definetely post some finished images for you guys here and there as a desktop wallpaper:) So keep modeling and modeling:) The faster you work, the faster the movie will be finished:) Recieved only one update so far from Martin who is working non stop on the thunderhawk:) It looks really nice so fat, Im curioushow all parts will look together. Hope to recieve updates from the other members as well;)

Inquisition Ship

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Hi all,

update on the big inquisition ship, still not finished, but its going good. progress istn’t difficult, but always repeating the same task, so just time consuming;) With all those small lights on the hull I think Andrea’s ship is coming very good to life and true to w40k style. Also it looks much bigger. So next week it should be finished, and then I can already make the first segments of the final movie:) animation will not be difficult hehe, simply move that thing a bit in flight direction:D  But a tricky task will be the creation of the warphole, thorugh which the ships will enter the space again. Dont know yet how I create that, guess with lots of after effects tricks and nothing inside 3ds max.

Oculta Majoris

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So, I leave Thorghus as he is right now, and started to work on the first scenes with the ships of Andrea.

this is a very first test render, I only started texturing the ship at the back, the whole front section is only a grey material.

Almost done

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Ok the character is almost done…I will need to texture the boltgun and model a small bag/gun holder for it. Then he is about to be finished. Then comes the rigging stage…

Bring him home, the good old shoe….

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So was working on the boots, and quite happy with it:) yes, they are not completely finsihed as you can see, but they are looking nice. Started with a box and used traditional box modeling, unwrapping and then completely handpainted the map and sculpted the wrinkles in Zbrush. And as Francesco noticed, now I added the Inquistion sign;) Thanks for that.