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Worked this evening on the bag of Thorghus and Im really happy with it, looking real.

Martin continued working on the thunderhawk and already completed the detailed turbines



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Here is the first preview of the Thunderhawk made by Martin. It’s already coming along very nicely and Im really looking forward what still is to come regarding the detail level:)

I worked on the jacket/vest of Thorghus, but I’m not very satisfied with the result so far…guess I will do it again.

Updates blocking phase

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Today I recieved the current status of Ben and Johan, and myself worked on the body of Thorghus, and the texture of his face device. A good step forward again:) Next updates probably on Monday.


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I made 2 new renders of the 2 character heads I got for now: Torquemada Coteaz and Thorghus Plavius, who is invented by myself and got the role as the acolyte of Coteaz. Here is the very first start of the mechanical device he is wearing. So, all is going very good and the progress is happening faster than I’d expected.

Khorne Daemon

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Ok, so here he is for now. I guess he will definetely change during the 3d modeling stage, but thats kind of how I think of the Daemon. I could have designed him of course much more aggressive and with lots of more skulls and chains, but due to technical aspects I designed him that way. Im quite happy and think he has a kind of unique look compared to the typical devil like khorne dragons. When you look at his mouth you can see those opened bat like wings – imagine those as the mouth of the predator. These small flesh wings can wrap around the face and hide its mouth as a kind of protection. and whenever he screams, those flesh lips pass aside and open the way to the mouth. I think thats kind of a cool feature that no Daemon of Warhammer has so far:) So that my Khorne daemon how he looks so far:

Abandoned Building Site

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So one of the last concepts for now, the abandoned building site. This will be the last setting for the movie where the final showdown will happen. I already roughly painted Torquemada in. There is a strong mood in the setting by lighting the ruins with the strong evening sunlight. This should give a great dramatic ending:)

Laboratory interior

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Made a small concept painting of the interior of the laboratory. Style is very Doom 3 like. Very dark and only lit thorugh some position lights. Also, there is some steam coming up from the ground to give it a more creepy atmosphere.