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Story touch ups

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2010 by destrega85

This day I was looking through the script again and declared it as finished. I will send the script tomorrow to a friend of mine who will proove the english grammar in it in order to make sure that my story is more or less correct:)

Next step is concept painting for environments and settings.


Story complete

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As promised the story is now more or less finished. I will definetely need to change a few things here and there regarding the technical problems that might appear by showing too much stuff…As a whole the story is pretty simple which results out of the fact that it only shall last around 15 min and (the more important) aspects that it is W40k, which is not known for their great substance and deep story but more fore a straight forward good against bad war:) I did not read all W40k books, there are about 100 I think right now (I read around 15) but most of them are very simple to follow. Only the Horus heresy got much more in it describing an immense war between brothers and their thoughts what is wrong and what is right. So thats why I stay focused to W40k originals and do not delivery a very philosophic story which I basically prefere most when thinking of storys. Anyway I hope it will stay true to the fans watching it.

Btw. the first Teaser for the official W40k movie is online now by codex pictures and it really really sucks – it is so bad, this team must consist of a group of schoolfriends playing around in Blender not knowing what the shading task means for a good render quality:) They wanna publish their movie already this year and it shall last 70 min – so a production time for a 70 min full cg movie with different voice actors and so on of one year – totally impossible. Just to remember, I plan a 15 min CG movie for 2 years which is already an incredible hard task.

I dont wanna post their links here, if you wanna see their poor cg approach which they describe as “amazing quality of animation” search on youtube for Ultramarines the movie Teaser.

Seeya soon, because the time for my complete production with my brave cg artists around the world will begin in the next weeks:)


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Working the last days on the story and it seems to work all quite well. Right now I got about 2000 words on 4 pages. Over the half right now is written I would say and i got a clear a picture in mind how it should go on. After the week end it will be finished I hope and then the hard and the fun parts begin:)

Here is a short excerpt of the beginning. I might change things later on, but still for those who are interested in the opening of the story:


Endless darkness spreads in the void of the universe surrounding Oculta Majoris, a single planet long forgotten by civilisation. Twice the size of Terra it follows quietly its path through space around its sun not knowing what evil it carries within. For decades it paid its duties to the master of human kind, the Emperor and was ignored by evil forces out of the warp – until now.

A great flash appeared in the black space and transformed the stars into streaking lights and long lines as they would be absorbed by a super natural power. Light beams switching their color from red to purple raised out of the hole and vanished again into nothing as slowly an immense amount of metal passes its way through the light gash followed by various smaller elements.

A space ship, an imperial battle crusade of the human empire followed by a small number of support ships is entering the reality through the warp again. The ship carries a great and stylized ā€œIā€ on its outer walls, showing that it belongs to the Inquisition, also called the daemon hunters. It lasts only moments, then the ship is again fully integrated into reality and the warp hole vanishes behind it, as if it has never been there. Silently the Ship was floating in the black ocean of stars.

Status of Coteaz

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2010 by destrega85

The complete Rig of Coteaz is now finished, and I just rendered the current state of how he looks.
I like it so far, but there should be more potential in it. Btw I always render huge images and test the quality of it. Basically the whole character is much too good for the final film dimensions of a 1280 pixel width together with motion blur here and there. So for now I stop working on Coteaz and continue working on the story and designs.

Here are the latest test render:

Rig finished for now

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 by destrega85

So now I finished the complete Rig of Coteaz. I build his whole proportions again with simple geometry and rigged those low poly objects that it can be easily animated. Afterwards I attached all the high poly parts to the low poly rig, so that I can hide the high poly stuff and animate the low res one with a great viewport performance. Once I’m finished I can unhide the High poly mesh again and voila, it stands in the right pose as the low poly one. So it all moves with the new rig in the background without beign displayed for a much better performance during animation. The image displayed at the bottom will be rendered tomorrow.

Open your eyes

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2010 by destrega85

So today he opened his eyes…and it really looked like sh**t:D:D
I changed a lot here and there and right now it looks quite ok. I made this now as a morph target, so he can now close and open his eyes. Also I made a small bone setup for the eyes, which are controlled by a look at target. So as soon as I move the eyes around, the flesh around it will move slightly with it. This is a subtle effect but really more realistic. well, but you can’t see it in an image:) So for today, I am quite happy about the new head model of Torquemada but there is still more potential in it.

Close your eyes

Posted in Uncategorized on May 14, 2010 by destrega85

Finished the new sculpt. (as far as the closed eyes version is concerned)
Finished the new maps (diffuse, normal, additional bump, specular)
And tweaked again the shader. Guess it looks again better now. One can’t see it in this view, but I corrected the ears;) Next will be the version with open eyes.